Ryan Ferguson continues quest for freedom

These six court documents explain each side’s argument in the contentious Ryan Ferguson murder case. I’d suggest starting with Ferguson’s habeas corpus petition, filed in January 2013.

Ryan Ferguson hearing is underway, Erickson recants testimony

Charles Erickson testified today that he believes Ryan Ferguson is innocent of the murder for which they are both in prison. Erickson originally implicated himself and Ferguson, but now says he has no firm memory of what happened that night. Listen to the story on KBIA.org»

Witnesses raise more questions about Heitholt death

Two more witnesses are raising questions about evidence that helped convict a Missouri man in the 2001 death of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. Ryan Ferguson is serving a 40-year sentence for second-degree murder and robbery in Heitholt’s death. Listen to the story on KBIA.org»

Washington’s attorney might seek change of venue

Former Missouri football senior captain Derrick Washington will be tried for two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault Dec. 8. He is pleading not guilty.

Associate Circuit Judge Deborah Daniels set a preliminary hearing for Washington’s felony sexual assault charge for Monday, but defense attorney Christopher Slusher asked that it be waived.

Slusher said he planned to request a jury trial for the felony case and said he is considering requesting a change of venue.

Ashley Lane/Graphic Designer

Washington did not appear in court Friday because, though he is required to appear for his sexual assault case, he is not required to appear for his domestic assault case.

The former Missouri tailback is accused of hitting and choking an ex-girlfriend in September and sexually assaulting a former MU tutor in June.

Slusher said having the misdemeanor case tried by jury would push the court date back again, past December.

“We are considering requesting a jury trial (for that case),” he said.

Preliminary hearings are never held for misdemeanor cases, but they are typical for felony cases. Slusher said preliminary hearings are rarely held in Boone County.

“We’re waiving our right to something we’re never going to get,” he said.

Washington is living and attending school in Kansas City. He was dismissed from the Missouri football team in August after he was charged with sexual assault. He later withdrew from MU, forfeiting his scholarship.

Washington’s bond stipulates that he cannot have contact with any of his alleged victims or commit any law violations. Daniels raised his bond amount to $10,000 in September, given that he committed his second offense while out on bond for his first.

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