“Neglect” a threat for Missouri State Penitentiary

I’ve been following the triumphs and troubles of the Missouri State Penitentiary since I did an extensive investigation on it a year ago. At first I was cheered to see the tourism board implementing a few of the funding solutions I had come across in my reporting. (Not that I believe that had anything to do with my reporting, obviously, I just think it shows that I managed to hit upon some truths.) Now, unfortunately, it looks like MSP is shutting down due to mold problems. The deterioration continues apace. I’m re-linking to my radio series here, which was broadcast on KBIA in May of 2012, and is sadly still relevant today:

“Neglect” a threat for Missouri State Penitentiary

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The oldest state prison west of the Mississippi sits dilapidated and crumbling in Jefferson City, Missouri. Despite its value as a tourist destination and historic landmark, the Missouri State Penitentiary might deteriorate to the point of shutting down permanently. Listen to the story on KBIA.org»

prison_wideshot Hear a former inmate’s story
One man’s historic building is another’s nightmarish living conditions. Former MSP inmate Joshua Kezer talks about what it was like to be incarcerated for 10 years in one of the oldest prisons in the U.S. Listen to the story on KBIA.org»
Other ancient prisons
The Missouri State Penitentiary is one of the oldest prisons in the country, but there are even older ones that survived both centuries of inmates and decades of decay. Learn about the variety of funding sources other groups came up with to keep other ancient prisons intact.

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Mean SAT math scores: Mean math scores on the SAT are roughly the same today as they were in 1966. Every year, male students have outscored females by at least 33 points.

Graduate students in engineering fields in 2009: More than three times as many males pursued graduate degrees in engineering as females in 2009. Electrical engineering was the most popular focus of study for both.

Doctoral degrees in science and engineering fields: The total number of doctoral degrees awarded in science and engineering has steadily increased since 2002. In 2008, 60 percent of all these degrees went to men.

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